Emergency Hymns

by Michael R. J. Roth

Released 2016
Released 2016
Award-winning,original acoustic songs with "the kind of lyrics that make Nashville writers salivate" according to one top songwriter.
These are not conventional hymns, and you're not likely to hear them in church. Maybe a coffee house or a bar. In fact, I couldn't list this CD under "Christian music" because of a word in the first song. I wrote these songs looking for the glory of God in the midst of life's turmoils. I'm the kind of guy who “lifts the lid of happiness to see what's underneath.” And I present them here as a humble offering, a broken thanksgiving for the life God has given me. These are rough cuts I laid down for a project I never got to finish. A dozen years later, it became clear I needed to put these out and hope God can use them as they are. I trust that God has a sense of humor. I enjoy writing many kinds of songs, but to me, these are the songs that mean the most to me. I hope that you will find something here that will enrich your spiritual life.

WARNING: These songs contain explicit Christian lyrics.

Album art by Aaron Roth