Hearts Wide Open

by Michael R. J. Roth

Released 2019
Released 2019
First-Place Christian Category Winner in the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Songwriting Competition.
"A real John Prine feel to the lyric writing in this song. 'From the dogs at addiction that tug at our sleeves….' This is a great line along with so many others in this song. '…laying our pride at the foot of the cross' is another one. Very strong. Could be the best set of lyrics in this entire competition. This is thoughtful, unique and exceptional lyric writing."
- Dallas Songwriters Association Grand Prize Judge, Roy Elkins

Michael R. J. Roth is the winner of the 2019 NSAI Song Contest for Lyrics, and recipient of the Gold Award for Lyrics in the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

Features vocals by Lexi Jackson and guitar and vocals by Matt Davis