Not Every Member of a Chain Gang Sings the Blues

by Michael R. J. Roth

Released 2015
Released 2015
Award-winning,original acoustic songs with "the kind of lyrics that make Nashville writers salivate" according to one top songwriter.
Vintage songs from an old trunk in the attic, dusty treasures to be opened on a rainy day. Wilderness and wanderlust swept beneath the household dust. Loneliness and lullabies, radios and children’s play. Starlight on ice, licorice tea, old ceremonial Japanese steam, the moon like an owl perched up in a tree — what more could you ask for? That every man who dies at night can see the moon? That God will strip you of your reasons, till you know that, when He calls, he calls for you?

Special thanks to Tom Dillon for recording most of these songs, and John Egenes and Alan Hand for “He Calls for You.” Tom was on pedal steel and my good friend Harri Wolf did background vocals and keyboard. “He Calls for You” has John on bass and Alan’s seductive keyboard phrasings.