Santa Fe

by Michael R. J. Roth

Released 2018
Released 2018
The Working Sessions 1: Raw folk-style narratives by an award-winning songwriter. "Eyes like a priest, heretic, ragin', he confides he's migrating to an ancient civilization."
Working tracks of acoustic folk songs of "passion, anger, and pain" from a "cool dark troubador" and "Jedi songwriter" who was a First-Place lyric winner in Austin, Dallas, and national and international competitions and is listed in the Great American Song Hall of Fame. Tales from Santa Fe where "you can almost smell the summer heat burning off the sense of grace" while "keeping faith until the good guys win." Includes "The Close Shaves of a Hero," which received an honorable mention from American Songwriter magazine. Featuring Lexi Jackson on vocals on "If It Ain't Love" and "Grasping at the Wind."