"When You Found Me" 3rd Place Winner in Austin




"If I Step Onto That Train" DSA Semifinalist

Pleased to learn that my lyric, "If I Step Onto That Train" was a semifinalist in the Dallas Songwriters Association lyric competition!


New Recording of "When You Found Me"

Thanks to the magic of Marco Delmar of Recording Arts and celloist Fred Lieder, here's a new recording of "When You Found Me" that I hope you'll enjoy.  You can listen to it or download it here:


Two Lyric Finalists!


I was pleased to learn that two of my songs, "Faded Beauty" and "Santa Fe" made it on the shortlist of the Your Music Out Loud Competition:


Winners will be announced November 17



"Cheap Motel" a winner in DSA 2017 Lyric Competition

Cheap Motel was a 2nd-place winner in the Dallas Songwriters Association Spring 2017 Lyric Competition! Thanks to Scott Thorn for contributing some great lines to this song!

New Song - When You Found Me

New Song!

When You Found Me

Listen to it on the music page!

2016 Great American Song Contest Finalist

"Hearts Wide Open" a finalist in the 2016 Great American Song Contest


Featured songs by winners of the Great American Song Contest, an annual songwriting competition for songwriters and lyricists. Sponsored by…


Winner - DSA and MASC Competitions!

Good news!


2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest


“Hearts Wide Open“ -- First Place, Christian category


The Songwriters Association of Washington's 33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest



“Hearts Wide Open -- Third Place (Finalist), Gospel/Inspirational/Christian

“Blood On Our Hands” - Honorable Mention, Gospel/Inspirational/Christian


New Album!

Emergency Hymns

"Were you hostage to the gun,

were you guided by the moon and the sun,

or did you just figure

you could never die.

It's so hard to understand

why the evil in the heart of a man

could fill the empty spaces

in the sky."

-- "The Getaway"

Tiny Desk

Just entered this. Fun.






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